Alban Corbier-Labasse

Director, Institut Français Dakar
President, EUNIC Senegal

Alban Corbier-Labasse (source Thierry David / Sud Ouest)

(photo: source Thierry David / Sud Ouest)
Alban Corbier-Labasse has spent all his career in the cultural sector, alternating positions in French local authorities, in the French external cultural network and as head of cultural institutions in France and French overseas territories.
His training and experience is in Performing Arts. He directed two festivals, Mediarte (digital art), which he created and programmed in Mexico for four years and is still running, and Tempo, in Reunion, a multidisciplinary festival focused on circus and street arts, which he directed for three years. For ten years now, he has been interested in contemporary art and artists involved in public space, which has led him to work with artists such as Daniel Buren, Fabrice Hyber or Tadashi Kawamata.
In Dakar, he is focusing his action on the development of digital arts and the use of new technologies in the cultural field. As such, on May 16, 2012, he held a day-long seminar on the realities of digital creation in Sub-Saharan Africa, on the occasion of the Dakar Biennial.