Andrew Senior

Expert in creative economy - Director, Andrew Senior Associated Ltd.

Andrew Senior (c)Maarten van Haaff/More Europe

Andrew Senior established the Creative Industries Unit (CIU) at the British Council in 1999. Working with a small team, he began to build the Unit’s profile within the British Council (as part of Arts Group) and within the context of the Department for Culture, Media & Sports Creative Industries Export Promotion Advisory Group (CIEPAG). Over the next decade, working closely with colleagues in the art form departments and internationally, Andrew drove the strategic development of the creative economy agenda within the British Council. In 2008 it became one of the three principal platforms of the British Council activity.
Andrew left the British Council in 2010 to set up Andrew Senior Associates Ltd (ASA).

We need to build things about how we go, about understanding how we position ourselves, how we engage, how we converse, through culture, through the economy (…). How can you have a dialogue with somebody if you cannot really think about what collaboration looks like?

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