A Cultural Component as an Integral Part of the EU’s Foreign Policy?

Diane Dodd, Melle Lyklema and Kathinka Dittrich van Weringh

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Friday, March 23, 2012

The goal of this survey has been to collect and examine documents on the external cooperation policies of the European Union and its MemberStates with third countries in the field of culture. This has been done in order to assess the degree to which EU Member States support the strengthening of the cultural components of the EU’s external relations and foreign policy.

The review of hundreds of policy documents, reports, statements on official websites, and other studies has indicated that there is an openness expressed by EU Member States to cooperate in external cultural policy, especially where the EU might support and complement initiatives of the Member States. Support is clearly visible in policy statements of all EU countries and in the fact that they all signed the Maastricht Treaty and subsequent amendments (Amsterdam Treaty). This now declares that the EU Member States will

“foster cultural cooperation between MemberStates with third countries and competent international organisations."

Author(s): Diane Dodd and Melle Lyklema (Boekmanstichting) and Kathinka Dittrich van Weringh (European Cultural Foundation / LabforCulture)
Publisher: Boekmanstichting
Publication year: 2006

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