Culture in the ENP South: Broad Ambitions, Little Strategy, Insufficient Means

Riccardo Trobbiani

Date of publication: 
Thursday, May 31, 2018



Project Researcher Riccardo Trobbiani published on EL-CSID a policy paper on the key shortcomings of EU cultural cooperation in the European Neighborhood Policy South and proposes recommendations for reform.

The paper looks at both the strategies and instruments in place. It appears that the Euro-Mediterranean cultural relations lack of strategic thinking: On the one hand, EU policies on cultural cooperation fail to design a region-specific plan. On the other hand, EU external policies including the ENP do not clarify the role of culture and its relative importance vis-à-vis other foreign policy tools. Partially because of this lack of strategy, EU action remains short-termed, based on a donor-recipient relationship and under-resourced compared to its objectives.