Frédéric Martel

Researcher, journalist & writer

Fréderic Martel

Frédéric C. Martel is a Sociology PhD, a researcher, journalist and writer. As a journalist, he works as the anchor of one of the main French radio shows on nationally syndicated public radio, a weekly program on media and creative industries (“Soft Power, the global magazine on cultural industries and the media”, airs live every Sunday at 7pm on France Culture).

He is also a founding editor of, a website devoted to book reviews and intellectual debate. As a writer, he is the author of six books, including a book on theater in America, Theater (La Découverte, 2006) and a large study on culture and the arts in the US, De la Culture en Amérique (Gallimard, 2006). He is also the author of Mainstream, On the Global Cultural War (Flammarion, 2010 ; translated in a dozen of languages and which made international debates and discussions).

Culture has become one of the last elements of our identity. We have to act in favor of cultural diversity abroad as well as at home, we need strong cultural diplomacy but we have to create it.

There is no debate whether we need a cultural policy or not. We do need it, but there are different ways of doing it.

Today, nobody cares about European culture. We have a tradition, a vision, a culture of the past, we have legacy, but we don’t have a present culture and we don’t have a future.

Principal publications: 
  • Theater (La Découverte, 2006)
  • De la Culture en Amérique (Gallimard, 2006)
  • Mainstream, On the Global Cultural War (Flammarion, 2010)