Janne Teller

Writer, former UN & EU official

Janne Teller (c)Martin Thorup Nielsen/DKI Benelux/More Europe

Janne Teller is a Danish writer of several books, essays and short stories. For her youth novel Nothing (2000), she has been awarded with the Best Children's Book Prize from the Danish Cultural Ministry and Le Prix Libbylit 2008 for the best novel for children in the French-speaking world. She received numerous other literary grants and awards, including the 2011 Michael L. Printz Honor Award and the Mildred Batchelder Honor Award in the USA. Her writing has a strong existential focus and circles around themes of doubt, faith, religion and history and is translated into 18 languages.
Before becoming a writer she was educated as a macro-economist and has worked as an advisor for the EU and in the UN, working with humanitarian and conflict resolution matters in places as diverse as Tanzania, Mozambique and Bangladesh. Janne Teller often participates in the public debate and her philosophical and controversial books have sparked heated debates in Denmark, and increasingly also elsewhere.

We need to realise we are Europeans before we belong to a region or a Nation.

The Nation State as such is totally a construction: what we feel for it in terms of habits, traditions, countryside or nature could exist without the notion of Nation.