Pierre Giner


Pierre Giner (source www.pierreginer.net)

(photo: source www.pierreginer.net)
Pierre Giner is an unclassifiable artist, who uses new technologies, video, mobile, websites and video games as his expression and artistic space. His projects are based on narrative content or themes in which information and interactivity, criticism and romance, linearity and discontinuity, meaning places, uses and situations, combine to embody the theatre of fiction. He always confronts contemporary issues and technological tools to create works which play on putting things out of place, re-staging and subverting them.
Examples of his work at the intersection of art and technology include the CNAPN, which he created in 2011 for web presentation and for the exhibition, at the Tri Postal Collector (Lille), of part of the collections of the Centre national des Arts plastiques. Mobilising the technological and intellectual resources of research in computer science, the work is a generator of collections, a kind of video game Oulipian-player, allowing visitors to experience being a curator.
In early 2012, he inaugurated the Imaginarium in Tourcoing, a unique creative laboratory where art, research, innovation and the general public will meet and reinvent each other in a spirit of exchange and creation.