External Cultural Relations

Culture in EU-LAC relations


Culture in EU-LAC relations
Contribution to the EU-CELAC Summit Conclusions

Position Statement
28 June 2017

Advocacy Paper - Cultural Diplomacy or Cultural Relations?

This advocacy paper has been prepared by More Europe in an attempt to clarify the notions of cultural diplomacy and cultural relations, before the most recent political developments on both sides of the Atlantic (notably the Brexit and the election of Trump). It outlines arguments for genuine cultural relations and their role in international relations, at a time when the EU is discussing the Joint Communication "Towards an EU strategy for international cultural relations". 

European Cultural Institutes Abroad


The objective of the study is to have a better understanding of the role that the national cultural institutes of EU Member States could play in a European strategy for culture in the EU's external relations. It analyses the strengths and weaknesses of their missions, structures and resources.

European external cultural relations: Paving new ways?

This study is the result of a six-month research project conducted in partnership with ifa (Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen). It delivers an overview of the EU funding procedures for the promotion of culture in foreign relations, and at explores alternative models of cooperation.

A New Era in Cultural Diplomacy: Rising Soft Power in Emerging markets

On February 28, 2014, the USC (University of Southern California) Center on Public Diplomacy hosted its Annual Research Conference, focusing on cultural diplomacy in emerging markets.

As Others See Us: Culture, attraction and soft power

This report is based on a survey carried out among 18-34 year olds overseas (China, India, Brazil, Germany and the US), as well as their UK contemporaries, which sought to identify the factors that make a country attractive to them as well as the factors influencing the UK’s attractiveness specifically. It also compares the world’s biggest economies in terms of attractiveness, particularly the culture, education and people dimensions.

Engaging the World: towards global cultural citizenship

Final Report of the Preparatory Action Culture in EU External Relations, on how the EU can make strategic use of culture in its external relations. This report presents:


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